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Dragonmount Press - Who we are?

We are an independent RPG publisher based in Hungary; born in the fires of passion and creativity in 2024. As a bunch of role playing enthusiasts, we thrive in deep diving but also creating new realms of fantasy, where imagination has no limits (almost none – grumbles the GM), where your decisions shape your and your party’s destiny. 

We aim to provide you with all the tools to weave your own immersive, captivating, unforgettable missions and campaigns – whether you belong to the first generation of D&D players, or you are an eager newcomer just dipping your toes into the amazing world of tabletop role-playing.

Our Games

We pledge to you

Balanced Game Mechanics

We strive for equilibrium by combining classic strategic role-play rulesets with the freedom of thematic storytelling.

Fast and fun preparation

We supply our GMs with tools to transform the process of world-building and preparations into a smooth, joyous experience.

Alternative RPGs

Although we adore mainstream games, our RPGs don’t follow the flow but represent our own unique perspective on role-playing.

Genre Driven

With a team as diverse as the RPG community itself, we can promise you that our projects will cover the entire RPG scale.

Sustainability Matters

To reduce our ecological footprint, we release all our games in a downloadable, printer-friendly, grayscale version as well.

Game Design Lab

We’re just getting started but we aim to grow into an open RPG publisher to help other gamers' initial ideas become a reality.

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