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Our origins

Dragonmount Press is nested on the slopes of Dragon Slaying Saint George Hill, Hungary, in a magnificent ring of extinct volcanoes, with a view to Europe’s largest lake, the Balaton. In such a magical place, what else can the role playing game maniac do but found his own publishing house and, together with like-minded friends and professionals, realize his own RPG ideas, which he has been honing for years?

We just did that, and it feels both terrifying and amazing! We put the “dragon hill” on our coat-of-arms, took a big breath, and set our imaginations loose.

Meet the team

We are Dragonmount Press. A team diverse in age, profession, and
genre preferences, united by our common passion and love for the world of role playing games.

Miklós Mácsai - MIKUL

I received my BA & MA degree from Media Design at MOME (Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design). Ever since I’ve been working as an animation director and compositor, as well as motion-designer and graphics designer in movies and TV series. One of the most important parts of my life is designing games. For almost two decades I’ve organised, designed and ran roleplay camps and games for children and adults.

Ármin Réthly - GOLON

I am a student filmmaker who has been learning and experimenting since the age of ten. Throughout the years, I have created many short films, music and concert videos, commercials and motion designs. Additionally, I started the youtube channel “Worldwielders”, which focuses on roleplaying content. My passion for live roleplaying and acting began in my childhood. I’ve also been running a tabletop roleplaying campaign for almost two years now, with a lot of my own ideas and additional content developed during that time.

Zsófi Joó - ZEAGA

Being a grammar-addicted copywriter and brand communications expert with a deep admiration for the horror and fantasy genres, I found my way back to role-playing after a 20-year break due to a quite unexpected turn of events. Leaving the big city for a small vineyard at the Dragon Mount I landed among like-minded friends playing and designing RPGs. Preferring hatchets to rifles and long swords to spell casting, I am eager to channel the same zest into building Dragonmount Press’ world as I do into a gripping RPG boss fight.

Ferenc Dudás - SÜTI

Ferenc is a digital professional with extensive international experience and a passion for tabletop role-playing games. With his highly developed skills in digital marketing, enablement, and consultancy, he has a proven track record of delivering successful projects and campaigns. Based on my interest in the TTRPG industry and my previous gaming experiences, I am happy to support Dragonmount Press.


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