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BUdapest 1899 is currently in development

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Our game is set in the turn of the century Budapest in 1899. The young, ever restless and expanding capital of Hungary was the home of many legendary and mythical buildings and locations, countless café’s, clubs and illegal brothels that even the King of England visited, the Castle and endless dungeons that still weave a dark web under the city today. Budapest was a center of the Eastern-European industrial revolution, with many factories and scientific wonders.

It’s at these characteristic places where real historical crimes meet magical city folklore. The superstitions tales spun from these cinematic and dark, often unexplained events are the spine of our game. Biblical and pagan demons, ill-willed fairies and gnomes, ghosts and spirits of illness and vile dreams, shapeshifting monster babies are all part of our bestiary that is based on real Hungarian and slavic superstitions and myths.

Players will take up roles based on real historical figures who lived at the time and have to solve these crimes and defeat, satiate or bargain with the beings that often hide behind these crimes… But now always.

Budapest 1899 will be a game for both beginners and experts, focused on mystery, magic and role-play.

The game is designed by Mikul Mácsai and Ármin Réthly.

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