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Zombie Road GAMEFOUND link
Zombie Road GAMEFOUND link

would you survive the end of the world?

Welcome to the thrilling and lethal world of Zombie Road!

Everyone wondered at least once, whether they would survive the end of the world. This is the tabletop RPG where you’ll get the chance to test yourself.

Play as Yourself

Let’s twist the ‘role’ in role-playing! In this gripping RPG experience you play yourselves as characters in a strangely familiar world.

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Road Movie Flair

You will have to make your way amidst the ruins of the broken, post-apocalyptic, zombie-infested world we once new.

Real-World Settings

Instead of fictitious locations, this RPG takes place in the real world, on locations with personal meaning to the players, like your very own hometown!


Unique Game Mechanics

With our innovative D6 system and atypical mechanics, even seasoned role-players will find themselves on the edge of their seats.

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Fast-Paced Action

Rather than dragging your team on long campaigns, here you will find always thrilling, even one-shot missions, which can be carried out in a single session.

Crafting & Vechiles

The game has a comprehensive crafting system so that players can craft any tools or weapons needed for survival, as well as vechile mechanics for alternatre travel and fighting.

Besides the fast setup and easy gameplay we provide you with a pinpoint quick start guide for a swift but comprehensive start. Get together with your team, pop up some drinks and have fun! An average mission can be played in 2-4 hours.

No world building needed, we bring the party to your own doorstep! By using Google Maps or classic road maps you have much more than random fictional locations: you can raid your local pub, loot your workplace and navigate in familiar neighbourhoods.

Who wouldn’t want a shotgun axe or a flamethrower chainsaw to fight the zombies? Craft your own weapons, armour, and vehicle – if you have the time, that is. The ruleset allows you great freedom to be inventive and go a bit crazy if you crave blood.

Want more? Although Zombie Road RPG is a 1 session game, a guide for leveling up and a 7 session campaign is included in the game! You can reach up to 7 (or even more!) levels, gain allies and make enemies amongst the other survivors of your world.

“One of my old neighbours – a boss zombie we stumbled upon during mission – attacked and bit me. It was hilarious, I f*cking loved it.”Gábor

“It was a privilege testing Zombie Road RPG! Not bad guys. Not bad at all.”Eve

“Uniquely easy to get but far from plain ruleset. Though the book is less than 100 pages long it covers everything the DM and the players need for an epic, bloody, crazy ride.”Tim

“Fingers crossed for the game release, guys! Zombie Road RPG is a kind of TTRPG that the roleplaying community has long needed. It’s epic.”Eszti

“OMG you will love this one! I did, and I’m quite picky when it comes to new RPGs.”Dean

“The makers gambled but it was worth it. New angle – check, twisty and surprising gameplay – check, fun for black belt role-players – check.”Piró
“Congratulations to the team. Zombie Road RPG allows players to discover a new side of themselves while the hidden game twists keep everyone on their toes. Just loved it!”P.T.

The game was designed and illustrated by Mikul Mácsai, and co-authored by Ármin Réthly.

The cover was illustrated by Krisztián Tuli.

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